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About: -- im happy. always smiling, always laughing. i live in the moment and i thrive on spontaneity. always up for an adventure. getting caught up in cities i've never been too is my favorite. it's been said that i'm a bit of a gypsy due to my constant wanderlust. learning to embrace my inner "girly girl." music enthusiast. i'm a positivity advocate to the fullest. business admin and marketing major. penn state. customer service extraordinaire and aspiring writer. i'm a goddamn riot. life's a ball, so lets dance!

my blog, my life. my posts are mainly a collection of photos and quotes that i find inspiring, happenings and memories i wish to share or look back and remember fondly. there might even be some random ramblings, which we are all guilty of doing every now and again.

hello, my name is Kristie.
it’s nice to meet you.

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First semester; DONEZO.

Yesterday was the last day of my first semester of college… I can’t believe how quickly time went from May until today… however, it certainly didn’t feel like it went by that quickly with the assignments and readings, etc. I just received my final grades.. I was not expecting to get much higher than an 80-85 on my Public Speaking final, because we had a strict time frame of a 6-8 minute speech, with a 15 second grace period. Mine was 9 minutes and 12 seconds and I recorded the speech probably over 100 times. I could not get it any lower than around the 9 minute mark and the one I submitted was free of any errors, so I decided to submit that, knowing I’d get points off. I got a 96. a 90-fucking-6. My professor said my speech was great, except for the length. YAY! So with that, I officially got an A in all my classes. If we were talking numerical averages, they would all be in the upper 90s. Public Speaking Overall average: 97.29, Communications: 95.36 and Art: 99.75. I am proud of myself. It was not easy, but I am determined. Happy to have these next three weeks off though, that’s for sure.

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