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About: -- im happy. always smiling, always laughing. i live in the moment and i thrive on spontaneity. always up for an adventure. getting caught up in cities i've never been too is my favorite. it's been said that i'm a bit of a gypsy due to my constant wanderlust. learning to embrace my inner "girly girl." music enthusiast. i'm a positivity advocate to the fullest. business admin and marketing major. penn state. customer service extraordinaire and aspiring writer. i'm a goddamn riot. life's a ball, so lets dance!

my blog, my life. my posts are mainly a collection of photos and quotes that i find inspiring, happenings and memories i wish to share or look back and remember fondly. there might even be some random ramblings, which we are all guilty of doing every now and again.

hello, my name is Kristie.
it’s nice to meet you.

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I think it’s funny that when you’re growing up, parents, teachers, coaches and mentors always encourage and emphasize the importance of creating a plan and to always plan for the future.

I’ve come to the realization that planning is fucking stupid. Plans fall through because you cannot plan life. No matter how perfect or well-thought your plan is, life has a way of rearranging it. We cannot plan life, all we can do is be available for it. 

With that said, I am no longer moving to Chicago. Sometimes I feel like I am living my own fairy-tale by choosing love over a move/career. I should probably add that this new relationship is not the only reason I’ve decided to stay… because money was a large factor… however, this new plan path, is an exciting one for me to explore.

So.. here goes nothin’. 

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how adorable is this photo?!

how adorable is this photo?!

“Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” —Oscar Wilde
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